Specific Defect Report

In some circumstances a property will suffer from a specific defect which will need a detailed inspection to determine the extent of damage caused, and the remedial treatment necessary to correct the problem.

Rather than instructing a contractor to inspect the problem (which may produce incorrect diagnosis of the problem along with unnecessary costly treatment), you can rely on M&JW Surveying Services to provide an impartial and objective investigation which will culminate in a report that will supply you with the detailed advice necessary when purchasing a property.

If you require a full Building Survey and you have concerns about a specific defect then this can be added into the fully personalised survey.

Common specific defects are:

  • Wood Boring Insect Infestation
  • Fungal timber decay (dry/wet rot)
  • Rising and penetrating damp issues
  • Condensation issues
  • Wall tie failure

These detailed surveys, which include photographic documentation and exploratory works can be useful when a defect has become apparent after you have purchased a property.

Get in touch with us for more details of how we can help you with a professional, personal surveying service.